Nuria Manzur (Mexico City, 1979) is a Mexican-Spanish academic, poet, translator, playwright and essayist. Honoured with a scholarship by the Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (National Council of Science and Technology) of her native country, she received her PhD degree in Humanities Studies (Literature, Art and Thought) at Universidad Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona) in December 2014, with a thesis named “Meridional Constellations. Readings towards Paul Celan”.

She has taught Literature at Universidad Iberoamericana (Mexico City) and Film Semiotics at Universidad de la Comunicación (Mexico City). She has also participated as a lecturer in the “Fantasmagorias Espectrales” congress (Spectral Phantasmagoria, UIA, 2012)  and the First International Congress of Theory and Criticism (UIA, 2013).

Focused on the work of Paul Celan and its philosophical ramifications (especially aesthetic, ethical and epistemological), Nuria’s research as well as personal interest in music, dance, film and visual arts, constantly influence her artistic work.

The constant interaction with different artistic languages ​​allowed her to return to poetry from complementary angles. In music, she has collaborated with composers such as Felipe Perez-Santiago (Netherlands-Mexico), Wilfrido Terrazas (Mexico), José Manuel Alcantara (Mexico) and Mark Kelly (UK). She has also dabbled in theater as a playwright and actress (Monologues on a bicycle, Vevey 2011 / Rotterdam 2011) and the ephemeral performance art piece Some(s) – De(s) (Vevey, 2015).

She has translated the literary works of poets such as Rose Ausländer and Paul Celan. Her practice in this field goes from German, French or English into Spanish, her mother tongue.



  • Spanish: Mother Tongue
  • English: C2
  • French: C1
  • German: B2


  • PhD 2014

    PhD in Humanities Studies (Litterature, Art and Thought)

    Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona

  • Research Staying 2010

    Research Staying

    Queen's Mary University of London - German Studies Departement

  • Master 2009

    Master in Humanities Studies (Litterature, Art and Thought)

    Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona

  • BA 2004

    BA in Latin American Literature

    Iberoamerican University

Honors, Prices

  • 2014
    Excellence Honor
    Excellence Honor in PhD Thesis: “Constelaciones Meridionales. Lecturas hacia Paul Celan” (Meridional Constellations. Readings Towards Paul Celan).
  • 2006-2011
    PhD Scholarship for Foreign Studies given by CONACyT (Science and Technology National Council – Mexico). 2005-2006 Award.